About This Blog & The Ranch

The epitome of our relationship :)

The epitome of our relationship 🙂

Our story begins where most stories begin, in the heart of a tiny little island we know fondly as New York City.

Okay, so maybe not so tiny.

Apartment hunting in NYC is a pain and its is nothing short of a Christmas miracle to find people you actually like.

Enter the wonderful world of Craig’s List and the discovery of The Ranch, a tiny first floor apartment in Astoria, Queens. Though, not the most luxurious of settings, its was the home to many an adventure. (For further info, see this post)

Fast forward several years later and The Ranch exists only in memory, its inhabitants scattered to different continents and involved in different projects. Despite the hipster-esque beginnings of this blog, we have some hilarious stories to tell and more travels to embark on and share.


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