a change in the water…

the roommatesHello everyone! First of all, a HUGE thank you from Ece and myself for your likes, follows and for just coming to say hi. We started this as a little project for us to write about what we love and we’re excited about what it’s evolved into.

In 2015, our goal is to be able to grow this blog to replicate life at The Ranch. We had the pleasure of having people from all around the world and all walks of life live under our roof. Similarly, we wanted to bring in new voices and new stories. Stories you reminisce about after too many beers and when no one’s looking makes you smile a little on the inside. So we’ve pulled in some of our friends to add to the tales here. And once we’ve come up with a system, we’ld love to hear from you guys!

Coming up soon, we’ve been promised photos from Orlando, notes from Serbia and a postcard from the Balkans. See you soon!